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Andrew’s on the right track


Redcar and Cleveland Enterprise Team has put Andrew Wetherley on the right road to launching a new career as a driving instructor.

The Eco Driving Force School of Motoring is now up and running with Andrew from Ormesby very grateful to both the Enterprise Team for their guidance and his wife Jayne for her support.

“It was her idea, really,” said Andrew. “She said, you like driving and you like talking and if you know what you’re talking about, you’ll make people feel comfortable.”

But getting the business into first gear wasn’t without its problems – and that’s where the Enterprise Team came in. “I do really think that without their help, I would have given up a long time ago.”

Making the first step towards going along to the Team’s workshop sessions wasn’t easy. “I’m 47 – it sounded like going back to school. I thought: I don’t want this! But it wasn’t like going back to school at all and they were so helpful.”

That help also extended to creating the ‘Eco’ brand. “I’d wanted to call it Driving Force, but that had already been used, so Eco was suggested. Every driving instructor teaches about driving economically, so I thought that was great.”

He doesn’t mind admitting that the unpredictability of the weather means it’s difficult to make a full-time job from driving lessons – picture last year and the weeks and weeks of bad weather. So he’s continuing his self-employed work delivering fruit and vegetables.

“It’s that fine line – the job pays the mortgage and the bills, so anything I get from the driving school is extra. It means working weekends, but I’m fine with that.”

And then there’s the satisfaction of where he is now. “I left school with no formal qualifications, now I’m classed as a professional. I feel like I’ve achieved something. And it’s a really good feeling when I see a pupil’s face after they’ve passed – and you remember that three months ago, they didn’t know how to get into first gear.”

Posted: February 29, 2012 @ 12:15 pm
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