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Why Study Enterprise?

Through studying enterprise, students are encouraged to apply their specialist skills and knowledge to identify opportunities and so maximise their impact in their chosen career, to make a real difference.  Whilst undertaking enterprise education students become more confident in themselves and their abilities.

Enterprise provides a practical insight into business and organisations. Students need to be prepared to fit into a variety of work situations from self-employment, consultancies and partnerships to small businesses, grant funded organisations and large public limited companies. We want students to maximise their potential whether working within or leading organisations.

In the current global economic climate it is crucial to focus on supporting the enterprising skills and ambition that will maintain our long term economic prosperity.  We need people who are motivated and have the right skills to take on new opportunities.

How can enterprise enhance learning?

There are lots of case studies and other evidence available which prove enterprise education enhances learning for all ages of students.  The main theory behind this is in the way enterprise education is delivered, through ‘real life’ projects as apposed to simulations within the classroom.  The interaction with businesses through visits and projects helps to make the experiences real for the students undertaking them.  The other reason for the success of enterprise education is the ownership of the projects being in the hands of the students themselves.  This helps with motivation and ensures students work to the best of their ability through the need to succeed.

Enterprise education can be linked to any curriculum subject and in most cases is already happening but just not recognised and acknowledged as enterprise.  Through making slight changes to already established curriculums we can have a positive impact on the results received through subject projects.

If you are interested in enterprise in your school please contact the enterprise team on: 01642 495731.